It's  💸time. Getting paid on Starflow is really easy, and so is cashing out from the platform. To set up your preferred payout method, navigate to 'Payment' on your Settings page:

At the moment, the only way to get paid is through Stripe, directly to your bank account.

When connecting with Stripe, you will need to know your IBAN number and some other bank information. This information you can find on your bank's website or app. Be sure to enter this information without spaces or dashes.

Press Connect with Stripe.

Fill in all of the information and confirm that your information is successfully saved and you are all set. You've set up your payout information correctly!

When you've connected your Stripe account, you'll see that your account is connected, and once your fans have bought something, your balance will increase and you'll see all the transactions in the list, like here:

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