A channel is sort of like a group inside your creator page for a specific purpose or topic. A channel can, for example, be:

– A Tutorial Series (e.g. "How to become a social media star")
– A Podcast containing multiple episodes
– A Cooking Show where you teach your fans how to cook
– A Daily News journal where you publish high quality articles
– Etc...

You can easily set up a Paywall for your Channel, so your fans have to purchase it before accessing the content inside. When setting up a paywall on the channel, you can choose any price you'd like, but you can also set the channel to be free. How beautiful isn't that?
Note: we also have a Subscription Model for Channels so you can charge your fans a monthly fee for accessing your channel.

It's also easy to add a trailer or intro video to your channel.

Here's how a Channel can look like:

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